About Us

Hey! Welcome to our blog.

My name is Jessica and my husband’s name is Brent. During the week I’m home with our 1.5 year old daughter while my husband teaches high school theater. On the weekends my husband is home with our daughter while I work as a shoe saleswoman. It’s an interesting life that has it’s challenges and definite battles, but we always end up making it work.

As two different people with two different personalities trying to come together for family and love it can be difficult. While we are both reflective and eccentric, my husband has always been more stoic, witty, tenacious, and logic based, whereas I’ve always been sensitive, empathetic, nurturing, and emotions based. We definitely ruffle each other’s feathers, and we know that other couples do too. That’s why we’ve created this blog. We want to share with you the nitty gritty, the rough and tough, and the real life examples of hard times so you can see that you are not alone. That’s not all, we also wanted to share with you some insight from our personal male and female perspectives, because we know that having both gives you a different advantage point of view.

Relationships are not easy, but hopefully we can give you an intuitive understanding that will help you realize, like everyone else, that you are human too. Enjoy!

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