You Can’t Handle The Tooth! – Dr Plotka’s Mouth Watchers Toothbrush Review

You Can’t Handle The Tooth! – Dr Plotka’s Mouth Watchers Toothbrush Review

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~~~His Review~~~


DISCLAIMER: I am not a toothbrush genius.  I know as much as you do about toothbrushes. We received free Dr Plotka’s toothbrushes in the mail to try out and this is what I have to say about them.


1. STURDY. After 2 weeks of using Plotka, my toothbrush has not bent. I am used to toothbrush bristles bending pretty quickly, but these Plotka toothbrushes seem to be holding up a bit longer. That’s nice.


2. DOESN’T HURT. The bristles are pretty soft and are thick at the bottom and thin at the tip. These brushes have the same feel as a soft paintbrush that one would use to apply acrylic to a canvas; so if you consider your teeth a work of art, then these Plotka toothbrushes can help paint them white.


3. REMOVES PLAQUE.  I still have my wisdom teeth and with my tongue, I can feel plaque building up on them through out the day (gross, right?)  But these Plotka toothbrushes have been consistently removing the plaque every time I’ve used them. When you don’t feel dirty, you feel clean, and that’s always pleasant.


4. IT’S NOT NASA, IT’S PLOTKA.  That’s just a slogan I made up. There’s some scientific design that went into the making of these toothbrushes and Jessica will probably talk about that in her section (hence, the Nasa reference).  Other slogans I thought of but that didn’t quite make the cut: “In the beginning, there was Plotka…” “Ask not what Plotka can do for you…” “You can’t handle the tooth! Get Plotka.” “Morph into a bug with Kafka. Transform your teeth with Plotka.”  “Those bristles are missiles! Try Plotka.”


We really appreciate the free samples.  Thank you for sharing a fine product.



~~~Her Review~~~


Here are the Top 4 Benefits I saw after 2 weeks of using Dr Plotka’s Toothbrush:


1. NO BLEEDING. I’m 22 weeks pregnant and when I brush my teeth my gums bleed. I’m not just talking about a little bit. I mean it looks like I had been in a boxing match and my opponent punched me in the mouth. And with all of the blood it leaves a bloody aftertaste that is just awful. I try to rinse and rinse and rinse but the damage has been done. The blood just keeps coming. This doesn’t help when you already have nausea like I did in my first pregnancy, because it leaves you feeling sick. So when I used this toothbrush for the first time I was amazed! My gums didn’t bleed! Not even a little bit! Now every time I go to brush my teeth while using Dr Plotka’s toothbrush I’m so happy. I can brush just like normal, and I don’t have to think about my gums bleeding. Instead of watching my blood draining out into the sink, I watch my teeth get clean.


2. SOFT FLOSSING BRISTLES. The first thing that I thought when I tried Dr Plotka’s toothbrush was, “Holy Cow! It feels like I’m massaging my teeth!” I couldn’t believe how gentle and relaxing it was. The package reads, “Soft Flossing Bristles”. And man, it wasn’t kidding! You can really feel it cleaning in between your teeth, and you don’t even have to brush hard!


3. ANTIBACTERIAL. Dr Plotka’s toothbrushes are infused with silver to keep the brush clean while it is not being used. You know, the hours in between brushing your teeth when your toothbrush is just sitting there multiplying bacteria like a petri dish in microbiology lab? Yes, it’s true! Every 20 minutes the bacteria on your average toothbrush doubles! Yuck! With Dr Plotka’s, because it is antibacterial, every time you use your brush it’s like using a brand new brush again. Who wouldn’t want that, right?!


4. BETTER THAN THE DENTIST. I’ve read that people feel like they‘ve just come from the dentist after using Dr Plotka’s toothbrush. I’m going to disagree. It’s better! Because, if you’re like me, you don’t like going to the dentist. With Dr Plotka’s toothbrush you have control over your oral care. You don’t have to sit through a long painful visit at the dentist with people putting their hands in your mouth while water is spraying, hoses are sucking and instruments are poking at your gums. Plus, you aren’t paying for the dentist price! Can’t beat that!



Check out our video reviews from when our samples arrived and after 2 weeks of use!


Initial Review

2 Weeks Review

You can learn more about Dr Plotka’s Mouth Watchers Toothbrushes here.

  • Kelly Moyer

    Awesome review. I might try this toothbrush.

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    Very good and thorough review! I just might have to try to find these locally.

  • M & B

    We will try this out! My husband tends to be a tooth brush snob and I am always reaching for the cheapest ones, just to be disappointed! I will definitely pick this up next time. Thanks for sharing!

  • “Mouth Watchers is available at Whole Foods, Sprouts Farmers Markets, Central Markets, many fine independent retailers and hundreds of dental offices across the U.S.”
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    Thorough review! Share the same sentiment about gums bleeding and wisdom teeth. I like that they are antibacterial too.

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    Great review and I LOVE the title! I’l have to check for these.

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