Big Brother Season 19 Relationships

Big Brother Season 19 Relationships

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Big Brother, although is a reality game with $500,000 at stake and involves a lot of strategy, viewers like Brent and I usually end up seeing relationships forming. It is inevitable. When you pull sixteen real people from all different parts of the country together in one house for the summer, emotions and hormones start flowing, especially when they know that making alliances can get them further in the game. What a better way of making an alliance then with someone you are attracted to, right? Or is it?

Having a relationship in the Big Brother house is a gamble, because it could be a good thing or it could be a bad thing. You are essentially flipping a coin. On the one side you have a ride or die who will always have your back. On the other side you may have a huge target on your back because you are now looked at as a power duo. It may take you further because everyone now has to take two people out instead of one, but they may want to take shots at the you early on just to break you up.

So far this season on Big Brother we’ve seen two couples that were targets early on; Mark and Elena, and Cody and Jessica.


Cody and Jessica

Cody and Jessica started out strong with Cody as head of household. They had the upper hand, and they knew this. But, as mentioned, even though this is a game, these are still real people with real emotions. When Cody had the chance to put people on the block for eviction he made some real personal emotional calls. He flat out stated that he did not like Megan as his reason for putting her on the block. Then when he found out that he couldn’t put Paul on the block because Paul had the Pendant of Protection, Cody decided to put Christmas on the block who was in an alliance with him. Cody knew that Christmas was not a threat yet he still put her on the block. This upset the rest of those in his alliance; Mark, Elena, Matt, Raven, Jessica, and Paul. Because of Cody’s decisions not only did it effect him, ultimately sending him home twice, but it also effected Jessica. Even though Jessica did not know what Cody was going to do each step of the way, she was still his ride or die, so everyone in the house associated her with Cody’s every move. If he made a call, it was her call too.

Jessica tried to change Cody’s mind when Cody in the beginning was saying that he wanted to save Alex. Cody liked Alex because she, like him, was also a big competitor. He respected her for this. So instead of trying to take her out as a threat, he made the personal call to keep her safe. This upset Jessica, but Jessica still stayed loyal to Cody. Through every poor decision that Cody made Jessica was by his side. Was this a smart game decision? Probably not. But, through it all and fighting their way out of the house, Cody and Jessica did gain one thing, each other.

Jessica and Cody’s relationship in the game was a true test of how strong their commitment to each other really was. They weren’t in the house for a long time, but their attraction to each other was instant. Cody seemed to be very quiet and kept to himself socially. It would seem as though that he was a logical player, talking out strategies, but ultimately he was a very emotional player. He could not put his feelings to the side and talk a social game. But, even though his feelings got him in trouble with the game, they somehow won over Jessica. This could be due to the fact that Jessica, like Cody, was socially disconnected from the other players. They saw that the other people in the house were not like them. The other players were more emotionally expressive with how they felt, and Cody and Jessica were different. They kept their feelings inward, and when it came to making a decision it surprised everyone, because they didn’t always talk about what they wanted to do and when they did they were very blunt. They knew that after they had made this known that it was now the house against them. In a way you could say that because of this it made their bond stronger. With their struggle against the house and when Jessica showed her loyalty to Cody after his poor decisions Cody knew that he had a keeper. After Cody was evicted from the house (the second time) he pronounced his love for her, and stated that he was to ask her to marry him.

When under stress couples can either make it through working together or break. In the game Cody and Jessica made it together. They were evicted, but they stayed loyal to each other and prevailed as a couple.

Mark and Elena

Mark and Elena, like Cody and Jessica, were also an instant connection in the game, were looked at as one in the same when it came to making decisions, and were a targeted couple in the house. They initially aligned with Cody and Jessica, but after Cody’s poor decision to put Christmas on the block, they went to the other side of the house along with everyone else. But, unlike everyone else, Mark and Elena flipped back to working with Cody and Jessica after Jessica became head of house. They may not have fully wanted to do this, but they were trying to do what they could to stay in the game. The other side of the house saw the flip that Mark and Elena made and now viewed them as a couple that could not be trusted. When the house did not tell Mark and Elena of their plans to vote Ramses out instead of Josh, Elena became worried. She knew that as long as she was aligned with Cody and Jessica that there would be a target on her back. This put a strain on her relationship with Mark. Mark wanted to stay with Cody, but Elena saw this as a poor move. So instead of making their relationship stronger, having the house against them made their relationship weaker. The stress and their unwillingness to work together through this drew them apart. After Elena was evicted, she told Julie that Mark would be surprised to know that she does like him and that she was open to exploring a relationship with Mark outside of the house. She stated that the environment that the house creates is not good for creating romantic relationships, and this is what ultimately set her back from him.

Is there truth to what Elena said to Julie? Will she continue a relationship with Mark outside of the house? I’m not so sure. Mark is a man who wears his emotions on his sleeve. He even calls himself “a big teddy bear”. When someone in the house was feeling sad he would be one of the few that would go up to them and give them a hug. We also saw him crying in the diary room when he didn’t want to see Dominique, his friend and ally in the game, go home. Julie commented to Mark during his exit interview that women like this.

Generally, I would agree that most women do like a man that can cry. Yes, we say that we like a strong protector, but that doesn’t mean we don’t also like a guy who can show his emotions. I’ve said to Brent that if he wants to be the strong tough guy that’s ok, but when he’s just with our daughter and me he doesn’t have to be that, that he can put his guard down. I’m not going to laugh at him if he cries. I’m actually going to think, “Wow, he’s being vulnerable with me. That’s really sweet.” Do I want him crying all the time? No, then I would start to wonder who the protector was, him or me. And, I know I can’t take on a group of thugs or lift 5 stacks of bottled water into the house at the same time. Although I can carry around a baby bowling ball for 9 months, endure labor pains for 10 hours, and manage an emergency c-section recovery while waking up every hour in the middle of the night to feed a baby, but that’s minor. *wink* I guess my point is that women like to be protected while also having a man that is in touch with his emotions, and I hope that Elena sees that in Mark. She seemed to be annoyed with him at times, but you can see that he does really like her. So I hope it works out for them.

It would appear that these two romantic relationships in the house were successes. But, will these two successes prove to work the same for the remaining romantic relationship in the house; Matt and Raven? We will see.

Matt and Raven

Matt and Raven have been under the radar for the majority of the game. As Zingbot stated this week, “The only thing that Matt has done in the game is Raven.” Matt even admits this in the diary room. He knows that they have been laying low and need to start making big moves because it’s starting to get down to the wire. They can’t coast along anymore.

Matt and Raven have been lovey dovey from the start, to the point that other people in the house are saying that they are annoyed at how much Matt and Raven hang around each other instead of being more social with the rest of the house. Yes, they haven’t done any game moves like Cody did to upset everyone, but Kevin told Mark that Matt never talks to him, that he’s always with Raven, and he doesn’t like it. Kevin wishes that Matt would talk to him more. Paul even said to Alex that when he goes to talk to Matt and Raven that they are always together talking. With the rest of the house realizing this, this is putting a big target on them as a reason to evict them.

What will this do for Matt and Raven’s relationship? When not under stress they were able to maintain a pretty successful bond. Will this change as the game goes on and stress sets in? Will stress bring them together or break them apart? What will we see during their exit interviews? Talk of dates and marriage proposals or will they never talk to each other again?

Each relationship is different. I believe that if the communication, commitment, and compromise are there that they will be able to get through any challenge they face.

Matt and Raven overall seem to be pretty laid back in their personalities which is good for their relationship. When Zingbot zinged Raven by telling her that she looked like a clown, Matt laughed pretty hard at this, but this didn’t seem to bother Raven. Raven’s personality is happy, bubbly, and live in the moment. Matt’s personality is quiet, confident, and somewhat spacey at times. They have matched up well for each other. I’m rooting for them to not only do well in the game but also in their relationship. I think they complement each other in a good way.



I haven’t really been paying much attention to the showmances or given a whole lot of thought to them, but to sum up what I know:

Mark and Elena– I don’t think I’ve ever seen them kiss, just lots of friendly friend zone hugs. They paired up strategically, I think. Mark likes her more than she likes him.

Cody and Jessica– They are the couple that was most realistically involved. I highly doubt they will last as a couple outside the house. She is a Los Angeles party girl, he is a backwoods huntin’n’muddin’ short-tempered single dad. These 2 were somewhat interesting to watch because they seemed to forget they were on camera and the least fake.

Matt and Raven– Kevin mentioned in the most recent episode that this couple is the most annoying. I guess I agree. They have been under the radar and they hold each other’s hands at the elimination ceremonies. They’re probably right for each other, but they remind me of that college feeling of when your roommate constantly brings over his girlfriend and you always have to walk by them snuggling on the couch. But kudos to them for being the last showmance standing.

That’s all I know.