Fall In Love Again: 10 Fun Fall Activities To Revive Your Relationship

Fall In Love Again: 10 Fun Fall Activities To Revive Your Relationship

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Say “I Love You” in a new and exciting way! Here are activities that Brent and I have put together of ways that you can revive your relationship to make it feel new again.


When I was in my early 20’s, I attended a church service at one of those huge megachurches with stadium seating and Broadway stage theatrics that showed off just how much money they had. I went with one of my guy friends, and though we were really there to pick up chicks, I actually paid attention to the preacher’s sermon and for some reason, one thing he said has always stuck with me. He was listing off all these tips for a having a happy marriage and the only tip I can remember him saying was one that was aimed at all the men in the audience and it was this:

“Do the same things you did to get your wife to keep your wife.”

What does that mean? “Do the same things you did to get your wife to keep your wife.” We’re talking about the beginning of a relationship, often referred to as “the honeymoon stage.” In the beginning, couples go out and do things OR they do cutesy little things together in the comfort of one of their apartments/dorms/parent’s house. “Never stop dating your wife” is something else that preacher said to help explain his previous statement. Couples should stay active. Couples that stop doing things together end up like a kitchen sink full of water and dirty dishes- after a while, the water gets stagnant and stinky and before long you’ve got mold and amoebas all over your plates. You start to rot away, basically. Your relationship gets boring, mundane, repetitive, and after a while, you start to lose interest in your relationship.

So here is the topic Jessica picked for this next blog post:

Top 5 things couples can do for fun in the fall!

5. GO TO A HAUNTED HOUSE– go on Google, look up haunted houses within a 1 hour drive from where you live. You can look up reviews or just pick one that looks cool or pick one that’s the cheapest or the closest to where you live. When Jessica and I were first dating, we went to The Cutting Edge haunted house in Fort Worth, Texas which holds the Guiness Book of World Records recognition of being the world’s longest haunted house- it takes an hour to get through! And for men, we love it when our women grab on to us for protection. Even though it’s all staged and there’s nothing that will actually hurt you, we gotta admit it’s super cute when we hear you scream because someone dressed like Freddy Krueger jumped out and scared you. Also, how often do you get to walk around with you hands around your partner’s waist? Not often, so use haunted houses as a way to get extra intimacy and scary 3D entertainment.

4. GO TO A FAIR OR FESTIVAL– it’s that time of year for fairs and festivals. If you don’t know what’s around you, get on Google once again and look it up. Does that small town 10 miles away from you have a Zucchini Festival every October? Go check it out! You’re sure to come home with zucchini bread, zucchini jelly, and chocolate zucchini cake. There’s got to be some Oktoberfest thing going on somewhere near you as well, just look it up. We have been to 2 festivals so far this fall and I even won the grand prize in a game of BINGO at one of them. Also, don’t forget state and county fairs. While festivals are more of a 2-3 hour excursion, fairs are more of an all day thing. Fairs are also more expensive, but offer a wider variety of vendors, food and entertainment.

3. COOK A DISH WITH PUMPKIN AS AN INGREDIENT– if your partner is anything like mine, then chances are he or she likes pumpkin. Starbucks is now selling pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin cream cheese muffins- I got one for Jessica the other day because I know she loves those things. Now for those couples who are looking for a DIY activity or something fun you can do in the comfort of your home- look online for a dish, other than pumpkin pie, that has pumpkin as an ingredient. If you really, truly want pumpkin pie, go for it- but don’t cheat and buy the can of pumpkin filling from the store- you have to buy an actual pumpkin and scrape out its insides just like your ancestors did. For those of you who are adventurous, randomly google things with pumpkin you wouldn’t expect, like pumpkin french toast or pumpkin banana nut bread or pumpkin ravioli or pumpkin coconut curry. Go buy a pumpkin and all the other ingredients you need and make it!

2. WATCH A PILOT OF A NEW FALL TV SHOW– another thing you can do in the comfort of your home. ABC has a new sitcom called THE MAYOR that looks like it could be funny. CBS has ME, MYSELF, AND I that I kind of want to check out. Also, STAR TREK is back, which I never got into, but I am curious what the hype is all about. This is the time of year when the networks roll the dice and see if any new shows could be a hit. If any of them do become the next FRIENDS or SEINFELD or CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM, then you can say you were there day 1.

1. WINDY PHOTO SHOOT– this is outdoors but without the crowd. There are sure to be windy days this autumn and as the temperature drops, you can roll out your warmer clothes. On one particular windy day, go to a local park or nature trail and take pictures of each other as your hair blows in the wind. These days you don’t need a fancy Nikon camera (although, if you have one, use it!), all you need is your handy little cell phone. Try to take the perfect picture with the perfect background with the perfect amount of hair blowing in the wind. Got kids? Take their pictures too! If you are using a cell phone, you can even send your picture to CanvasPop.com and have it blown up and framed. Jessica and I have done this once and thought it seemed kind of cheesy at first, we ended up laughing and getting some pretty funny pictures when the wind sent her hair flying in unexpected ways.

And there you have it- 5 things you can do in the Fall that could very well help you fall in love again.



Fall is a time when leaves are falling and plants are dying. A hint of cold weather enters the air. Don’t let your relationship do the same. Use this time as an opportunity to do fun exciting things with your hunny, and revive your relationship.

I personally love the fall; the smell, the cool wind blowing, and the chance to get out for some fun activities. There’s just so much you can do.

My list of 5 Fall Activities you can do to help you “Fall” In Love again:

1. Pumpkin Patch/Apple Picking– I know when fall comes around, for me, it’s pumpkin time! Anything and everything pumpkin goes! But first, you need a pumpkin! Don’t just get one from the store. That’s not fun. Go out to a farm and pick one! Don’t tell me you don’t have one around you, because even when I was living in New Jersey they had multiple pumpkin patches. If you really don’t have one then buy pumpkins from the store, set them up in your yard, and pick one. The idea is to have an experience with your hunny. While you’re at it go apple picking too. There are farms that even have both, a pumpkin patch and an apple orchard. They let you pull around a little wagon to help you carry them too. It’s really a fun event. You don’t want to miss out.

2. Hayride/Haunted Hayride– This one is great for snuggling up next to your hunny. Go on a hayride. The cooler the weather the closer you’ll get. Farms with pumpkin patches will tend to have hayrides. It’s very neat! They take you around the farm, the ground is bumpy, and the hay rack bouncing gives you an extra snuggle. If you are feeling on the more spooky side then try a haunted hayride. I’ve been on one that was super scary. It was very dark and just like a haunted house you didn’t know what was going to happen. And, when I get scared I want Brent next to me. There’s those snuggles again. You see a theme here?

3. Corn Maze In The Dark– Have you ever tried to find your way through a maze in the dark? It’s pretty scary. As with the haunted hayride your hunny is going to want to stay close to you to get through this one. If the place you go to has it set up to scare you this is important. But, even if it isn’t, just seeing the other people trying to get through the maze pop out around a corner can scare you. Look one up and try it out. It’s a great way to problem solve together. Unless, of course, you leave your hunny behind running through the maze scared to get out.

4. Carve A Pumpkin/Pumpkin Painting/Bake Pumpkin Seeds– Now that you’ve picked out a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch (or your lard) carve it! You can get a carving pumpkin kit with stencil books from the store. They surprisingly work really well, even though the tiny saw they come with doesn’t look like it will do the job. It’s an ooey gooey mess, but it’s worth it. It’s so much fun. Reach in together and pull those seeds out. Do it! Then bake the pumpkin seeds. If you don’t want to carve a pumpkin you can paint one. You can each take a pumpkin or a side of a pumpkin and see what you come up with. Just seeing your partner’s creativity can make you smile or laugh together.

5. Leaf Pile– This is so much fun! Rake up a pile a leaves. Then play in them. Run, jump, and land in the leaves. Throw them up, cover each other, and get silly. Laughing and playing together can really make your relationship spark. Yes, it’s not something you would do as an adult, but who cares?! You will have fun, and that’s all that matters.

Don’t let this Fall season go by without spending some fun time your hunny. Use these activities to revive your relationship!

Go ahead, fall in love again!



  • Kara Patterson

    Love this list of activities! Definitely perfect for fall. My boyfriend and I will be checking out a Pierogi festival this weekend 🙂

  • Nice! Have fun! Thank you for reading! ❤️

  • Kim

    These are great ideas!! We haven’t watched a show together in such a long time. That would be an easy place to start!

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  • kiersten

    How fun! And even coming up with a list of things to do would be fun!

  • Stacey Billingsley

    You have some great ideas here! I have done the haunted house with my husband, and I agree, it is a lot of fun! We also like to go to pumpkin patches and festivals. What you say is true; you do have to date your spouse. It helps to keep things interesting!

  • Jacqueline Marie

    Loved this post. Having his-side and her-side was awesome to see all in one post!!! We love doing fall things together as a family, and these are some great ideas for families and couples!

  • The Curvy Millennial

    Oooh corn maze in the dark sounds fun! Btw, your little one is too cute! Thanks for sharing!

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  • Julie

    What fun ideas!! Now I just need a boyfriend/husband to do them with! Haha. Thanks for sharing 😉

  • A lot of these I did by myself before we were married. I even did the haunted hayride. Thank you for checking them out! ❤️

  • Cerin Reid

    Great info! Thank you for an awesome post!

  • Sheree

    Great ideas! I totally agree that it’s so important to keep that spark going in a relationship!

  • Christina Nativio

    Great ideas a except for the make a food with pumpkin in it lol I hate pumpkin!

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  • Christy Leonard Conway

    Fun ideas! I like how you both give your views. I especially like what the pastor said at the beginning, do what you did to get your wife. So true.

  • Tiffany

    Cute ideas! Fall is such a wonderful time to do things together as a family!

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    These are great suggestions! I really enjoy reading both of your views for this post.
    Also, Jessica, you’re not alone in loving pumpkins! They’re one of my favorites as well! 🙂

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  • Kellee Anderson

    Love all the ideas, it’s important to keep dating your partner.

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    I love all these ideas! And I love that you have it from both perspectives! Corn mazes and pumpkin patches are my favorite 🙂

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