10 Reasons To Start Your Money Making Blog

10 Reasons To Start Your Money Making Blog

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Blogging to some can seem very daunting, and to others seem very easy. Having gone through the process of starting one of my own I have to say that it is no doubt challenging, but also very fulfilling. On the outside it may seem like all bloggers do is write, but it is so much more than that.


Did you know that blogging can be a full-time job with benefits? Me neither. A few months ago I came across an ad on Facebook that talked about blogging. It said that I could start up a blog in 5 days. “That’s it?” I thought. So I checked it out: How To Start A Money Making Blog: Free 5 Day Email Course


Whoa! I couldn’t believe it! After 5 days my blog was up and running. “Is this for real?” I thought. I did it! Wow, what a rush, and boy, was it scary! I couldn’t wait to make it my own and start posting content! But, wait, how do I do that? And who’s going to see it? There were so many questions going through my head.


Thankfully, the creators of the 5 day course, Heather and Pete Reese, had a wonderful community set up right on Facebook to help. They helped me pick out my niche, logo, AND site name. Then I was hooked up with an awesome 30 Day Blogging Fast Track Course where over 10 years of information on how to blog is shared. And not just any information, but information that has been researched, tried, and perfected by Heather and Pete themselves.


In their 30 Day Blogging Fast Track Course, Heather and Pete cover topics like Money Making Systems, How To Drive Traffic, How To Grow Your Social Media Accounts, Setting Up The Business Properly, and Much, Much More!


At first I wasn’t sure if this was what I wanted to do. I was skeptical. But, I knew that if I had tried to do it all on my own it would have taken me just as long as it had taken them, 10 years. So I did it, I took the 30 day course. And wow, was it worth it! About halfway through I was saying to my husband, “It’s all coming together.” My vision of my own blog with my own content and other people clicking on it and reading it was happening. Heather and Pete’s 30 Day Fast Track Course worked! By the end of the course I even had people contacting me with requests to work with us. Crazy, right?!


Now, you can be skeptical like I was. That’s normal. Everyone has fears. That’s why I wanted to share this with you. I hope that you can take the leap, conquer your fears, and start your own blog too.


Since I’ve followed Heather and Pete’s Courses and started my own blog I have seen different benefits come out of it. Here they are:


10 Reasons To Start Your Own Blog

1. Fun Hobby. It really is fun to create your own content and share it with the world.

2. Therapeutic. Like Journaling, it helps you release your thoughts.

3. Strengthens Your Relationship. If you do it with your partner it is a fun activity that you can do together, while possibly learning something new about your partner at the same time. Your partner can be a little involved, helping with taking pictures or greatly involved and share in writing like we do.

4. Great Community Support. Blogging has it’s own community that opens a world of fantastic support. It’s not a competition or race, but a team working together.

5. Make Money. Opens a new way to make money with the potential to quit your job and support your family.

6. Work From Home. I do most of my blogging right from my phone.

7. Travel. If you choose to go the route of travel you are able to travel all over the world.

8. Feel Accomplished. Blogging to make money is a business. When you see your work pay off you feel a sense of accomplishment.

9. Create Memories. Having your thoughts down in writing, taking pictures, and making videos leaves a blueprint of memories for your family to look back on.

10. Family Business. Like I mentioned above, blogging is a business, it is YOUR business. With it being your own you can then pass it down to your children.

Bonus Benefit! You just may help someone else in the process!


Pretty cool, right?!



Well, what are you waiting for?


Start your own blog and see for yourself!


Happy blogging!